Welcoming Kaessee L. Brown MD, FACOG

Call Us:  210.404.2800

Call Us:  +1.210.404.2800

I am so excited to join the family at Village Crossing Women’s Health. After recently completing my time with the U.S. Air Force, I was reflective and incredibly intentional about the practice I joined.  After interviewing with numerous practices of varied sizes and patient care models, this practice stood out as something extremely different. After meeting Dr. Feinstein and observing the type of medicine practiced at Village Crossing, I immediately knew this was where and how I wanted to transition into civilian private practice.  I truly believe the individualized care and time given to each patient is unparalleled.  The culture is such that I knew I would definitely like to be a patient at Village Crossing myself! I look forward to serving my hometown community, as well as military members and their dependents.  I am proud to say I have found my new home here, and I cannot wait for you to join us and find your new women’s health home as well. - Kaessee L. Brown, MD, FACOG