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Breast Cancer Awareness Year

-Published November 4, 2015


It’s time for another monthly blog.  I had been planning to write about breast cancer awareness month in October because well, it was breast cancer awareness month.  I’m still going to write about breast cancer awareness, but I’m going to use a different approach then I had planned to use last month.

I love October for many reasons ranging from the late summer temperature change in Texas to the ability to watch football daily from Thursday through Monday.  However, one of my favorite parts about October is that it’s breast cancer awareness month.  Everyone buys-in to breast cancer awareness month including women, men, athletes, and the NFL.  We start seeing the color pink all over the place and we hear remarkable stories from breast cancer survivors.  As an OB/Gyn I love that women’s healthcare is thrust into the national spotlight in a positive way, and of course there is the added advantage that I get to wear pink as a man without being judged.  Even my daughter’s soccer club, shout out to Boerne FC Thunder, contributed to breast cancer awareness through fundraising involving pink practice jerseys.

Then the other day I realized it was November and suddenly it wasn’t breast cancer awareness month.  It was when I went to my sock drawer to get my hot pink socks, which suddenly weren’t appropriate to wear anymore, that I realized what makes breast cancer awareness month so special for women’s healthcare also has the potential to make women’s healthcare irrelevant the rest of the year.  It’s great that everyone focuses on women and keeping them healthy in October, but shouldn’t the focus on women’s health care be year round?  Even the American Cancer Society joined the October bandwagon, choosing to release their new breast cancer screening guidelines just last month.  The link for these guidelines is below

Bringing women’s healthcare into the focus of the general public shouldn’t be a once per year sort of thing.  For the month of October we can leave that once a year event to Halloween.  Breast cancer awareness and all of women’s healthcare awareness should be on the forefront of media coverage the full year round, and it starts with us as OB/Gyn’s and extends to all providers of women’s healthcare.  I think it’s safe to say we would all be disgusted if domestic violence awareness was given special attention for only one month per year, thus sending the message that the rest of the year our country shouldn’t be concerned with domestic violence.  It’s time for patients to be sent the message that breast cancer awareness should be a yearlong event, not just every October, and our female patients should be empowered to discuss the overall importance of women’s healthcare among their friends and family.  I still love October, but I’m more passionate about taking care of women 12 months out of the year instead of just one.  Plus, I think I look pretty good in pink, so why not wear it year round.

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